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how to make your own easter bunny cards


There's nothing more fun than an Easter Egg Hunt. Gather those hidden chocolate eggs before your dog sniffs them out! Whatever you're doing for Easter, here's a very quick and simple way to make Easter Bunny Invitations, Cards or Notepaper using potatoes and a bit of paint.
1 ~ Simply cut a small potato in two. One half forms the head. Cut the other half into half again for the ears
2 ~ Using a paper towel, dry any excess moisture from the potato. Using a stamp pad or poster paints, ink cut potatoes and then imprint to form head and ears
3 ~ Add a fluffy nose, freckles and whiskers. Using scissors, cut off the end of the card to form teeth and little bunny 'nibbles' on the side

pillow talk

Il_430xN.59377680 I raced to the Post Office today to find that my new acquisitions had been safely delivered. Two fabulous porcelain wall pillows by talented Etsy artist Stepanka. Each piece is hand built using slabs and an original drawing is then etched into the clay, glazed in parts and fired. Not only do I love the casual drawing style but also the various textures of matte, gloss, rough, smooth, raised and depressed. The only trouble now is deciding where to hang them...maybe I need a whole wall full!

go make me: baby bear printable


Little Baby Bear, complete with wee freckles, heart diaper and optional fluffy ears. Inspired by my daughter's teddy, here's an ever-so-cute printable pdf greeting card, stationery and gift tag new in my Go Make Me shop. Fabulous for a baby announcement, shower or birthday card/invitation. I love the thought that you can make your own for a fraction of the price of pre-purchased stationery and it's always at hand. You can see Bear's development in a previous post

lindsay & edmunds handmade organic chocolates


Warning: Don't lick the screen, it will only taste of glass and dust! I've been helping out with photography and graphic design for my brother's new chocolate company Lindsay & Edmunds. And what's new for Easter? Divine organic Belgian chocolate slabs featuring Sweet tooth Honey-almond praline, Tropical treat Dried pineapple and papaya with pepitas and Indulgence Cape gooseberries soaked in Cointreau in white chocolate; raisins soaked in brandy with roast almonds in milk chocolate; caramelised chilli in dark chocolate. After all the sampling (you have to totally understand the product) my skirt is decidedly tighter! Cross your fingers, they're considering shipping orders and are also in the process of updating their website. Stay tuned....